Rising Oil Prices Lead To More U.S. Production

Rising oil prices have led to new investment and hiring by U.S. energy companies nationwide. Elevated oil prices tend to increase production as larger revenues offset expenses and increase profits. Read more

Elite Meet In Davos – World Economic Forum 2018

Each year, the World Economic Forum hosts its annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland. Attendees from all over the world include dignitaries, company heads and world leaders. Read more

Macro Overview – February 2018

Rising interest rates weighed on equity momentum as the expectation of increased borrowing costs and inflation accelerated market volatility. Read more

Short Term Rates Heading Higher

The Federal Reserve raised a key short-term rate as expected by the markets and made fairly optimistic comments about economic growth projections for 2018. Read more

Stock Market Continues To Shrink

Over the past 20 years the number of corporations with listed shares traded on U.S. exchanges has actually dropped by approximately 40%. Read more

Bitcoin & The Greater Fool Theory – Consumer Behavior

A Bitcoin exchange in South Korea went out of business in December after it was hacked by cyber thieves that stole roughly 20% of it’s clients holdings, validating that cyber currency exchanges are still extremely susceptible to losses. Read more

Deficit History & Tax Cuts – Fiscal Policy

The passage of the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act has prompted a flurry of analysis and criticism surrounding the affects on the Federal deficit due to lower tax revenue. Read more

Yields Move Up

Treasury yields rose in September as the Fed indicated it would soon begin the task of reducing its holdings of government bonds. Read more

What the FTC is Suggesting on the Equifax Breach

As additional government agencies have become involved in the Equifax breach, there have been a growing number of suggested actions for consumers to take in order to better protect themselves. Read more

Storms Affect Oil & Fuel Markets

The energy sector stood out the most during the third quarter as heating oil, gasoil, gasoline, and crude oil all saw higher prices. Read more

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