What We Spend on Vacations

The travel industry in the United States is enormous, with over $887 billion spent every year on lodging, foodservices, transportation, and amusement. Read more

Voter Turnout Statistics - Domestic Demographics

During the 2012 Presidential Election, as in previous elections, voter turnout was closely followed. This year’s election may have similar characteristics as other elections, making who turns out to vote once again important. Read more

How To Check Your Refund Status - Tax Planning

According to the IRS, as of March 18th the agency had issued over 65 million tax refunds worth more than $189 billion. Read more

Fixed Income Update - Bond Markets

Contrary to what was expected, bonds outperformed stocks in the first quarter. Read more

Equity Overview - Global Stock Markets

U.S. equity markets fared better than other developed country stock markets as European, Japanese, and U.K. equities were negative for the first quarter. Read more

Current Environment - Macro Overview

Equity markets rebounded in March as rate hike fears eased and healthy domestic economic data revealed consistent conditions, resulting in a resounding turnaround from the market lows experienced in February. Read more

U.S. Has Over 5.5 Million Jobs to Fill

The Department of Labor released its most recent data for open jobs, with 5.6 million open positions in December, just shy of a 5.7 record set in July of 2015. Read more

Fixed Income Update

Government bond yields from various developed countries fell into negative territory in February, as central banks applied further stimulus efforts. Read more

Current Environment - Macro Overview

Volatile oil prices and uncertainty about the presidential race led to erratic markets throughout February, yet buffered by improving economic news including GDP growth for the fourth quarter of 2015 that was revised higher from 0.7% to 1.0%, as released by the Commerce Department. Read more

Equity Overview - Domestic Stock Market

Domestic and international equity markets continued on a volatile course as central banks further explored the negative yield arena of government bonds. Read more

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