Macro Overview - October 2018

The Fed raised rates for the third time this year, signaling it was on track for further hikes over the next few months. Read more

Households Holding Less Debt - Consumer Behavior

The New York Federal Reserve Bank compiles data on how much debt and what type of debt households have. The most recent release of debt data shows that household debt as a percentage of disposable income fell to the lowest levels since 2002. Read more

Female Board Members - Social Environment

As diversity among board members has become an initiative for many U.S. public companies, individual states are revisiting the current make up of boards and how best to instill diversification. Read more

Leading Scams Targeting Seniors - Retirement Planning

The National Council on Aging estimates that nearly 1 in 10 Americans over the age of 60 experiences some form of financial elder abuse. Read more

Macro Overview – Sept 2018

Trade and tariffs continued at the forefront of discussions among the U.S. and international trading partners. Read more

Equities Achieve Positive Quarter Despite Volatility

Energy and technology sector stocks led the markets in the second quarter. Read more

Flattening Yield Curve Startles Markets

The rapid rise of short-term rates along with lingering long-term rates created unease with markets. Read more

Emerging Markets Struggle

Rising rates and a stronger U.S. dollar are weighing on emerging markets, which benefited from years of record low U.S. interest rates. Read more

Macro Overview - July 2018

Trade and tariffs disrupted markets in June as the U.S. Commerce Department announced tariffs on $250 billion worth of Chinese imports. Read more

Water Bills On The Rise - Utility Focus

Lack of repairs and maintenance of water utilities and sewer systems nationwide have led to expensive repairs to pipes and water mains. Read more

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