New Sector Joining S&P 500 Index

Domestic stock market indices closed at new highs in August as earnings and economic data helped propel equity prices. Read more

Government Releases Mixed Economic Data

Data released in August by the U.S. Commerce Department revealed that consumers were spending more than expected on a broad range of products and services. Read more

Credit Card Debt on the Rise

U.S. banks have ramped up lending to consumers through credit cards at the fastest pace since 2007. Read more

Fed Says It Is Ready To Sell Its Bonds

Global bond yields rose on the expectation that central banks around the world have agreed to start removing accommodative measures. Read more

More Americans Working Past 70

Workers who were either poor savers or who perhaps experienced a dramatic life crisis are finding themselves short on funds in their retirement years. Read more

Inflation Not An Issue Now For Fed, But Asset Inflation Is

The low interest rate environment spanning the global markets has been fueled by the accommodative monetary policies of central banks worldwide, creating a concern among many economists. Read more

China Produces More Cars Than The U.S.

Just as the U.S. auto industry mushroomed after WW II and during the 1950s, the same is occurring in China. Read more

China Buying U.S. Treasuries Again

Currently valued at over $13 trillion, the U.S. Treasury Bond market continues to be the world’s largest and most liquid bond market, attracting capital from foreign central banks seeking safety and stability. Read more

Wireless Prices Driven Lower By Competition

The FCC is considering the implementation of new rules for wireless providers that will enhance competition leading to lower prices for consumers. Read more

New Fiduciary Rules Due This June - What Does It Mean For You?

New rules designed to shift the landscape of retirement advice were set to take effect on April 10, 2017. Read more

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