U.S. Became Net Oil Exporter in 2018

December marked the first time ever that the U.S. exported more crude oil and fuel than it imported, a result of ambitious U.S. production and the lifting of a decades old ban on U.S. oil exports in December 2015. Read more

Short Term Bond Rates Rise

Shorter term bond yields rose closer to longer term bond yields, thus further flattening the Treasury bond yield curve, an economic gauge closely followed by market analysts. Read more

Global Equity Markets Decline

Volatility throughout the trading year kept stock valuations tough to determine. Read more

Macro Overview - January 2019

Weariness among investors escalated towards the end of 2018 as uncertainty surrounding trade, the Federal Reserve, a government shutdown, and global economic growth lingered into the new year. Read more

Macro Overview - November 2018

Historically volatile October was validated once again by dramatic price swings for both stocks and bonds. Read more

Mortgage Rates Rise To Seven Year High

Thirty-year mortgage rates have surged to the highest levels in seven years, increasing borrowing costs at a time when the housing market is slowing and prices have been falling. Read more

Social Security Payments Increasing By 2.8%

Social Security recipients are due to receive the largest increase in benefits in seven years. Read more

Historically Volatile October Did It Again

Stocks in all categories suffered in October as the month saw declines across all major indices. Read more

When Taxes Replaced Tariffs

As a young country, the first of tariffs enacted to protect American business interests was the Tariff Act of 1789. The act was written to raise funds for the newly established government, reduce debt from the Revolutionary War, and protect U.S. companies from unfair foreign competition. Read more

China Not Placing Tariffs On Imported Oil From U.S.

Part of the tariffs imposed by China on U.S. goods from the United States included crude oil when first announced in June. The Chinese have since reconsidered the tariff and have left it off the initial list of $16 billion worth of U.S. imports. Read more

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