Oil & Retirees Drive Population Growth

Recently released Census data revealed that the fastest growing cities in terms of population growth have been driven by the oil industry and retirees. Read more

Social Security Falls Short On Projections

A U.S. Government report compiled and released by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) found that 48 percent of individuals 55 and older had no retirement savings whatsoever. Read more

529 College Savings Plans As An Estate Tool

Section 529 plans were initially intended to provide parents of young children the ability to save and invest money for future anticipated college related expenses. Read more

Lower Rate Outlook Help Buoy Stocks

Optimism over progress on U.S. trade discussions with China seemed to overshadow concerns about a slowing economic expansion helping to propel equity indices towards the end of the third quarter. Read more

Inverted Yield Curve Puts Rates On Hold

The yield on the 10-year treasury fell to 2.41% at the end of March, down from its peak yield of 3.25% in October 2018. Read more

Workforce Getting Older

Demographics drive the domestic labor force, propelled by both young and unskilled workers to older more seasoned individuals. Read more

Worldwide Debt On The Rise

Corporate debt worldwide has become a growing concern among central bankers and international finance managers. Read more

Macro Overview - April 2019

A change in the Federal Reserve’s stance on the direction of interest rates helped buoy equity and bond prices higher in March, allowing U.S. equity indices to post the strongest first quarter in nearly ten years. Read more

Upcoming Debt Ceiling Issue - Fiscal Policy

A recurring debate is once again about to emerge as a political challenge surrounding government debt continues. Read more

Equities Have Best January Since 1989 - Equity Market Update

Equity markets rebounded in January erasing volatility residue from the end of 2018. Read more

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