How $50 Oil Changes Almost Everything

The plummeting price of oil means no more trout ice cream. Read more

10 Expired Tax Provision That Might Affect You in 2014

Taxpayers are trying to figure out whether they can count on certain tax provisions that used to be available and might be available retroactively if Congress acts before they break for the holidays. And while there are some good arguments for and against the provisions, the key is to have some answers. Read more

How Retirement Benefits Will Change in 2015

Social Security and Medicare will be making important changes to their programs next year. Individual retirement accounts and 401(k)s will also be tweaked in significant ways. Here's a look at the new features your retirement benefits will have next year. Read more

Market Update

Markets recorded marginal gains this week while trading within a narrow range. Major indices, in the absence of notable headlines, drifted upward; both the S&P 500® Index and the Dow Jones Industrial Average hit record highs. The relatively quiet market masked divergence among underlying sectors. Read more

Importance of Legal Documents for Adult Children

Its almost winter, and I am checking my wardrobe to see what still fits. (Its going to be expensive!) Read more

Where Not To Die In 2015

The tally of death tax jurisdictions remains the same for 2015—19 states plus the District of Columbia–but eight states are ushering in changes in 2015. Read more

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