Current Environment - Macro Overview

Uncertainty surrounding the exit of Greece from the euro caused equity and bond markets to react as updates emerged from Greece. Read more

When The Fed Finally Raises Rates - Monetary Policy

Due to the ambitious stimulus program enacted by the Fed back in 2008, Quantitative Easing (Q.E.) led to an incredible amount of liquidity in the financial markets. Read more

Equity Overview - Domestic & International Equity Markets

Major indices reached new highs in late April as U.S. companies posted favorable earnings and growth estimates. Read more

Greece Running Short - International Update

Five years after the bail out of Greece on May 2, 2010, the country is closer to the brink of defaulting on its debt than ever before. Read more

Fixed Income Overview - Global Bond Markets

Bonds yields rose towards the end of April as global debt markets acknowledged the presence of some inflation in Europe, thus driving up inflationary expectations. Read more

South Leads U.S. In New Home Growth - Housing Market Update

Each month the U.S. Census Bureau releases data detailing how many permits have been issued for new homes nationwide. Economists look at the issuance of permits as a indication of housing market strength and future economic growth. Read more

Current Environment - Macro Overview

Thus far this year, global factors have been significant drivers of U.S. bond and equity markets, as stimulus programs in place by international central banks have helped propel stock prices higher and bond yields lower over the past few months. Read more

What The Big Drop In The Euro Means For Europe - Currency Overview

Since reaching an all-time high of 1.57 euros to the dollar in April 2008, the euro has retracted over 30%, as it now nears parity (1:1) with the U.S. dollar. Read more

Fixed Income Overview - Global Bond Markets & Interest Rate Environment

Comments by the Fed suggesting that rates would stay low for a continued period of time realigned the currency markets as the dollar fell against most major currencies in late March. Read more

“Die Rich By Living Poor Or Die Poor By Living Rich” - Estate Planning

A remarkable story of a gentleman who passed away in March at the age of 92, with an estate worth nearly $8 million, stunned his friends and everyone who knew him. Read more

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