Fixed Income Update - Global Bond Markets

Anticipation is building as the Fed nears a decisive move to raise rates before year end. Some believe that the Fed may have missed its chance to raise rates, which would have conveyed a sense of confidence about the nation’s economy. Read more

Job Openings Hit New Highs

The number of positions waiting to be filled nationwide jumped by over 430,000 this past month as reported by the Department of Labor. Read more

Traffic Volume Increasing - Domestic Commerce

Economy activity can be measured by the movement and transportation of goods, as products and consumers traverse across the highways of the nation. Read more

U.S. Equity Update - Domestic Stock Market

Volatility driven by uncertainty surrounding the Fed’s rate hike decision and international growth concerns drove equity markets lower in the 3rd quarter. Read more

Home Prices Back to Pre-Crisis Levels - Housing Market Overview

Data released by the Federal Housing Finance Agency in September acknowledged that home prices across the nation were essentially back to their levels before the housing crisis. Read more

Current Environment - Macro Environment

International growth concerns and uncertainty surrounding the Fed’s decision as to when to finally start raising rates continued to roil markets in the 3rd quarter. Read more

Licenses Hinder Jobs Market - Labor Market Review

Over the past several decades there has been an increase in the requirement of U.S. workers to hold some type of occupational license. Read more

Bond Market Adjusts - Global Fixed Income & Interest Rate Update

Rates held somewhat steady throughout July as the anticipation of rising rates was absorbed into the markets without any sudden surprises or reactions. Read more

State Income Tax Rate - Tax Planning

As state and municipal finances have experienced unforeseen fiscal duress, many states have levied and plan to levy higher tax rates on their residents. Read more

Current Environment - Macro Overview

As the threat of a Greek exit from the euro faded, markets once again turned their attention to global growth and economic indicators. Read more

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