Why Stocks Went Down When Oil Went Down

Equity markets descended in January alongside oil prices, while testing new lows with a visible increase in volatility. Read more

Current Environment - Macro Overview

Volatility returned to the markets in January as China devalued the yuan immediately following the new year in hopes of stimulating exports amid a slowing Chinese economy. Read more

Another Battered Year For Oil

As commodity prices around the world collapsed throughout 2015, no other price collapse was more prominent than oil. Read more

The Euro In Flux

The ECB decided on continued easing throughout 2016, intended to stimulate lending and growth throughout the euro zone, while also enhancing inflation as a form of economic vitality. Read more

U.S. Equity Update - Domestic Stock Market

Domestic stock indices were overall lower for the year, yet resilient given the challenges that markets had in 2015. Read more

Where Rising Starts Will Be Seen

Interestingly enough, the only rates that the Fed can actually directly affect are shortterm rates, such as the Federal Funds rate. The Federal Funds rate in turn influences other
rates set by large commercial banks, such as the prime rate. Read more

Current Environment - Macro Overview

The Federal Reserve finally executed an anxiously anticipated rate increase, the first since 2006. Read more

Where Immigrants To The U.S. Are Coming From

America’s diversity continues to evolve as people flock to America. Read more

U.S. Equity Update - Domestic Stock Market

With the earnings season complete now, equity markets are likely to be driven by macro economic factors through the beginning of 2016. Read more

Consumers Getting More Car Loans, Not Home Loans - Finance

Rather than struggling to get approved for a new home loan or refinance, Americans are instead financing cars, where getting a loan approval is easier. Read more

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