New Sector Joining S&P 500 Index

Domestic stock market indices closed at new highs in August as earnings and economic data helped propel equity prices. Even with recent new highs, volume remains relatively low. Read more

Government Releases Mixed Economic Data

Data released in August by the U.S. Commerce Department revealed that consumers were spending more than expected on a broad range of products and services. Read more

Credit Card Debt On The Rise

U.S. banks have ramped up lending to consumers through credit cards at the fastest pace since 2007. Read more

The G20 Meets In China - International Policy

Leaders and members of the G20 met in China in July to discuss a host of international topics and issues. Read more

Yields Head Lower In July – Global Fixed Income Review

The yield on the 10-year U.S. Treasury fell to a record low of 1.318 percent in early July, sending bond prices higher throughout the fixed income markets. Read more

Europe’s New €50 Banknote – Euro Region Update

The European Central Bank (ECB) introduced a revised €50 banknote in July, with a circulation entry date of April 2017. Read more

Equity Update - Domestic Stock Markets

Major U.S. stock indices reached new highs in July as earnings reported for companies in a host of industries were better than expected, leading to upward pricing pressures. Read more

Oil Prices Hit 7 Month High

U.S. crude oil prices, as measured by the West Texas Intermediate (WTI) benchmark reached a 7-month high in May, as prices traded over $50 per barrel, the highest levels since October 2015. Read more

U.S. New Home Sales Strongest Since 8 Years – Housing Update

Sales of new homes increased to an annualized rate of 619,000, the largest increase in eight years. Read more

Greece Debt Crisis Re-Emerges - International Fiscal Crisis

The debt woes of Greece of have been ongoing since 2009, when a severe recession led the country into a debt crisis. Read more

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