Credit Card Debt On The Rise

U.S. banks have ramped up lending to consumers through credit cards at the fastest pace since 2007. Read more

The G20 Meets In China - International Policy

Leaders and members of the G20 met in China in July to discuss a host of international topics and issues. Read more

Yields Head Lower In July – Global Fixed Income Review

The yield on the 10-year U.S. Treasury fell to a record low of 1.318 percent in early July, sending bond prices higher throughout the fixed income markets. Read more

Europe’s New €50 Banknote – Euro Region Update

The European Central Bank (ECB) introduced a revised €50 banknote in July, with a circulation entry date of April 2017. Read more

Equity Update - Domestic Stock Markets

Major U.S. stock indices reached new highs in July as earnings reported for companies in a host of industries were better than expected, leading to upward pricing pressures. Read more

Oil Prices Hit 7 Month High

U.S. crude oil prices, as measured by the West Texas Intermediate (WTI) benchmark reached a 7-month high in May, as prices traded over $50 per barrel, the highest levels since October 2015. Read more

U.S. New Home Sales Strongest Since 8 Years – Housing Update

Sales of new homes increased to an annualized rate of 619,000, the largest increase in eight years. Read more

Greece Debt Crisis Re-Emerges - International Fiscal Crisis

The debt woes of Greece of have been ongoing since 2009, when a severe recession led the country into a debt crisis. Read more

Fixed Income Update – Global Bond Markets

The Fed is ready for a rate increase this summer as comments made by Fed officials in May validated their confidence in the economy’s growth and rising inflationary
pressures. Read more

Equity Markets Overview - Domestic Stocks

U.S. equity indices were essentially flat for the month of May, as the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average both were up moderately for May. Read more

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