Dow Jones Reaches 20,000

The Dow Jones Industrial Average hit the milestone 20,000 mark in January. Read more

Macro Overview

A change in sentiment was prevalent throughout the markets as new rules and regulatory reversals began to take effect. Read more

Rates Heading Higher - Fixed Income Update

Bond markets reversed their long-term trend of descending yields as economic growth expectations and inflationary pressures mounted. Read more

Stock Indices Reach New Highs – Domestic Equity Overview

Many analysts believe that the stock market rally following Trump’s election reflects the expectations of a new era of fiscal stimulus. Read more

British Pound At Lowest Levels Since 1985

The pound traded at its lowest levels versus the dollar since 1985, off 22% from its June high before the Brexit vote. Read more

Saudi Arabia Issues Record Amount of Debt

Saudi Arabia issued a record $17.5 billion by selling government bonds in October, setting a record as the largest debt issuer of any emerging market country. Read more

IMF Says U.S. To Grow Less Than Anticipated

In its latest report released in October, the IMF revised its growth forecasts for both international and U.S. economies. Read more

Over 45% of Households Have No Retirement Assets

As the Baby Boom generation has begun to retire, more attention is being paid to retirement savings and how much retirees will have to live on. Read more

Higher Education Yields Lower Unemployment – Labor Market Review

As more employers struggle to find qualified workers, they also tend to require higher levels of education to best match the skill sets they need. Read more

Cheap Oil Affects Countries Worldwide – Oil Industry Update

A non-routine meeting set for late September in Algeria disrupted oil markets as the meeting was seen as a precursor to production level changes. Read more

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