Yields Move Up

Treasury yields rose in September as the Fed indicated it would soon begin the task of reducing its holdings of government bonds. Read more

What the FTC is Suggesting on the Equifax Breach

As additional government agencies have become involved in the Equifax breach, there have been a growing number of suggested actions for consumers to take in order to better protect themselves. Read more

Storms Affect Oil & Fuel Markets

The energy sector stood out the most during the third quarter as heating oil, gasoil, gasoline, and crude oil all saw higher prices. Read more

Macro Overview - October 2017

The aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria are expected to have uncertain affects on government data and continued ambiguity on economic activity. Read more

Cheap Oil Affects Countries Worldwide

A non-routine meeting set for late September in Algeria disrupted oil markets as the meeting was seen as a precursor to production level changes. Read more

Macro Overview - September 2017

Markets have become data sensitive as varying economic news moved equities and bonds in anticipation of a looming Fed rate hike. Read more

New Sector Joining S&P 500 Index

Domestic stock market indices closed at new highs in August as earnings and economic data helped propel equity prices. Read more

Government Releases Mixed Economic Data

Data released in August by the U.S. Commerce Department revealed that consumers were spending more than expected on a broad range of products and services. Read more

Credit Card Debt on the Rise

U.S. banks have ramped up lending to consumers through credit cards at the fastest pace since 2007. Read more

Fed Says It Is Ready To Sell Its Bonds

Global bond yields rose on the expectation that central banks around the world have agreed to start removing accommodative measures. Read more

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