How To Check Your Refund Status - Tax Planning

  May 6, 2016

According to the IRS, as of March 18th the agency had issued over 65 million tax refunds worth more than $189 billion. The average refund so far through mid-March is $2,902, slightly more than the average return from last year.

The majority of taxpayers getting a refund are doing so through direct deposit, which accounts for almost 88% of refunds so far this year. The IRS had received 81.9 million tax returns by mid-March, of which more than 76 million were filed electronically. The IRS also noted that more taxpayers are visiting its website,, in order to get tax help and information. The IRS site allows taxpayers to check the status of a refund, access transcripts of their tax returns, request electronic filing of Personal Identification Numbers, find answers to tax law questions, and check the status of amended returns. Usage of the tool to check the status of a refund “Where’s My Refund?” was the most visited U.S. government website at the end of March.


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