Elite Meet In Davos – World Economic Forum 2018

  March 16, 2018

Each year, the World Economic Forum hosts its annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland. Attendees from all over the world include dignitaries, company heads and world leaders.

President Trump was the first U.S. president to attend Davos since Bill Clinton attended in 2000.
New and timely themes are addressed each year, with this year’s meeting focusing on geo-strategic fissures that have re-emerged on multiple fronts with wide ranging political, economic and social consequences. The conference, now in its 48th year, symbolizes the pinnacle of wealth and status. Attendees pay tens of thousands of dollars for the privilege of mingling with their transnational peers, attending extravagant parties and exhibits sponsored by various countries, corporations and foundations.

One of the concerns among attendees this year was that a lower dollar would create an arena for a trade war when comments made by U.S. officials prompted a stance on a weakened dollar. Currency devaluations and tariffs are both considered protectionist measures and protested by Davos attendees.

The World Economic Forum is a Swiss nonprofit foundation whose mission is to improve the state of the world by engaging business, political, academic, and recognized social leaders of society. The forum gathers once a year in Davos.

Sources:https: www.weforum.org/

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