States Lose Valuable Tax Revenue

States and local government entities are struggling with a dramatic and rapid drop in tax revenues following business closures and quarantines that were set into place nearly three months ago. Read more

Increase In Income Data May Be Misleading

Data released by the Commerce Department showed that consumer spending collapsed by a record 13.6% in April, the steepest drop since 1959. Read more

Equities Rebound In May

Equity markets continued to move higher in May despite lower earnings expectations and dismal economic data releases. Read more

Where Unemployment Is Hitting The Hardest

The nation’s unemployment rate skyrocketed to 14.7% in April, representing the largest percentage of unemployed workers since the great depression, when the rate reached 25% in 1933. Read more

Over Half of Unemployed Making More Than When Employed

The National Bureau of Economic Research released findings of a study examining the amount of unemployment benefits recipients are being paid. Read more

Consumers Spending Much Less

Recovery to the economy has become hinged on the ability of the American consumer to regain confidence and start spending again. Read more

Car Sales Have Cratered Since The Pandemic Began

A dramatic drop in car sales, brought about by the historical rise in unemployment along with the economy seizing, collapsed the demand for both new and used autos coast to coast. Read more

Macro Overview – June 2020

A resurgence of sporadic economic activity emerged in May as stay at home bans were eased and some businesses slowly reopened. Read more

Nearly 10 Million Claim Unemployment In Just Two Weeks

The sudden loss of jobs and mass layoffs by businesses nationwide has brought about the single largest increase in unemployment claims in the country’s history. Read more

Equities Technically End Eleven Year Bull Market Run

Equity markets experienced volatility in March not seen since the 1930s, with daily declines so sharp that rarely-used mechanisms to halt trading were activated by the exchanges on multiple occasions. Read more

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